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    Hi All-

    I will be traveling to the Philippines for 2 weeks and Europe for 4 weeks. I'm looking for some Essential Software that I should put on my visor before I head out.

    In addition to some travel software tips, I'd like to know if anyone knows of any good "time consuming" games for my plane rides

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    Forgot to mention, I'd like to get only freeware or full versions; don't want to mess with shareware limitations.
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    Here are some time-consuming free games for you:


    Big Two

    Vexed 1

    Vexed 2

    Boulder Palm

    Fours (although the opponent is dumb)






    Jumpman Zero


    These are all free (I'm pretty certain) and I've kept them for at least a while. Some are so small that I'll probably never get rid of them.
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    Thanks for the advise!

    METRO is another great traveling software!

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