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    I am new to the forum so I aplogize if this question has been asked - which I'm sure it has. I have a 755P that for the second time I have owned it the battery died (user error - I slacked in charging it) and I lost all my data. I have it backed up on my computer @ home, but I am away for 4-5 days and very frustrated that I can't restore it. Unless I am missing something, it seems that the calendar, contacts and memos can't be stored on the memory card. Is there a 3rd party app to do this or am I just unaware of how to program my Treo. Thanks for your help

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    Hi dreggae1- the most important app I own is Resco Backup. It backs up your treo daily and you can restore the ENTIRE contents of the memory back. You can keep multiple backups too. I have tried the other options as well and nothing compared to the Resco option (for me). Here's the link:
    Resco Backup for Palm OS
    Their other programs are useful as well, Explorer is another app I use often. They have a suite available with all their apps at a discounted price.
    Resco Suite for Palm OS

    In my case I mostly use Backup and Explorer, I never much got into their photo viewer (I use splashphoto instead).
    Hope this helps!
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    Backup is the way to go. I use NVBackup. You can have it backup on a schedule or manually.

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    I also use NVBackup and it works wonderfully and its free!
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