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    Palm Treo 700p Verizon. Is it compatible with hands free BT operation in MB
    S 550 (2010) MODEL.
    Is any one out there has experience or knowledge about this ?
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    Since no one has chimed in, I'll put my .02 cents in. Being a car buff, I doubt there aren't that many here that have a near top of the line MB especially a 2010 to be able to answer your question, but a 700p has an old BT Stack not counting the fact that Palm has never had a good BT. So although it may work, it may not work that well.

    Also it may be easier for you to get another phone with a better BT than to change a car that you probably ordered or already have.

    Sorry, not the answer you were looking for.
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    if you have the money for a Mercede then why do you still have a Palm Treo 700p? Time to upgrade to a Palm Pre or whatever smartphone suites you fancy.

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