I've successfully paired my Centro (AT&T) with my Garmin Nuvi 760. All is working fine in terms of basic functionality. However, I'm having two key issues that seem to somewhat play off each other.

1) Even when the Nuvi is shut off, the Centro constantly wants to connect to it, it seems. Thus, whenever I make an outgoing call, it recognizes a "headset" that isn't there, and I have to manually click the headset button in order to use the phone normally.

2) A by-product of this issue is affecting the call waiting feature of the phone. The Nuvi is not compatible with three-way calling, so Garmin has told me. As such, since the Centro is trying (or thinks) that it's still connected with the Garmin even when it's shut off, anytime a third party calls while I'm in the middle of a call, both calls disconnect.

Garmin seems to be able to give little to no help with this issue beyond "wait for newer software." Can anyone give some advice on how to resolve these issues? Any help will be greatly appreciated.