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    ..but it's ok.

    5 foot drop onto a hardwood floor. I was trying to open it with just my left (off) hand. It landed on the lowerr righthand corner.

    the plastic got a bit scuffed up, no big deal.

    here's the bad news: Paint Flaked. Yes, folks, the a small chunk of some sort of finish flaked off. the color is slightly darker underneath. Looks like the "sheen" on the treo is a pretty thin coat, one that will wear off over time.

    ...but whatever, the color underneath is just as cool. I'm finding that it comes off fairly easy with a fingernail now that a little bit of it is off. The plastic underneath is plenty strong, however.

    ah, well, you can't notice it.

    if nothing else, we know it can handle moderate drops!
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    flaking paint after a few minutes of use? Yes, you definitely have a Handspring product!
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    He did drop it!
    I'd rather be upside down in my kayak than rightside up at my desk.

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