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    has anyone used this program? I currently use HanDBase for this stuff, but it's hard to find info when I need it. The icon system looks pretty good. Any accolades or gripes from users? Thanks,
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    I have it (and SplashMoney) and its great. The icons are just icing on the cake. The app is wonderful and the desktop is a perfect mirror of it. Highly recommended...

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    I'll echo the praise. I've used a few other password programs but this one is definitely the one for me. Try it out - I bet you'll like it.
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    I also like SplashID. I tried a couple of other programs (4tNOX, Keyring, etc) but I find SplashID to be the best overall.

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    Count another SplashID user who switched from Cryptinfo. One of the things I like about it is that it makes my DESKTOP life easy as well (editing entries, using while online, etc). Developers are great about considering user suggestions, but there's just the right mix of simplicity and usable features.
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    I'm another satisfied user of SplashId, and I'm very impressed with the company SplashData. I have found that they are very responsive to feature request. I only wish it had one more feature, and that is an overall category feature so I can group all my work passwords together or my home passwords. But I can live without that, and I'm hoping that they add it in the next release.
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    I use it too, though you may be just as happy with YAPS. The icons are not a big functionality for me, though the desktop conduit is nice. Also nice is the ability to choose a numbers only password and have a keypad show up on the screen--you don't need a stylus to get to a password.
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    I have tried them all and SplashID is tops! SplashData's support rival that of Dave Kessler's Kopis and BlueNoamd.
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    I don't use SplashID -- I prefer the more free-format model used by Secret! -- but it's a great product from a great company. I've been using SplashMoney for months, and am incredibly impressed with the support SplashData provides.

    Yardie nailed it -- SplashData is up there with BlueNomad, Kopsis and Pimlico.
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