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    my wife and I both have treo 700p's, and her phone is doing automatic updates from one of the verizon installed apps. I remember disabling it on mine, but dont recall how I did it. I believe it is the "my Treo" app..any help would be apreciated.

    Does anybody know if forcing 1xrtt will avoid huge data charges, we did not subscribe to any data plan.
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    Just force the network connection to ask for permission to connect and then you control when it actually connects. Go into the Preferences > Network > 'Options' Menu (hit the menu key on the keyboard) > Preferences and then make sure "Ask before connection to the Internet" is checked. That's what I do and I am on Alltel(contracted)/Verizon and it works like a charm to use my voice minutes as data minutes or at least that is what is allowed on my contract.
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    Thanks, My wifes phone had the box to connect whenever the phone was on checked...
    I think the problem is solved

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