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    Originally posted by rjuhl
    Anyone have crashes after a hotsync? About half the time, the first time I open Handstory after a sync, I get a fatal error when exiting the program. After the reset, can open and exit without problems.

    Also, am all of a sudden unable to 'clip' certain pages, such as Minnesota Lottery Winning numbers. Used to be able to, but now can't.

    Other than above, think Handstory is fabulous! Have sent them an email with the problems, but thought maybe someone here has had the problems and know the resolution to.

    Thanks in advance,

    Were you ever able to resolve the fatal exception errors in Handstory? I hjust started getting them after I upgraded my Treo with the GPRS patch.

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    I second the vote for ThoughtManager. I have also been using the trial version of SLAP!. It alows you to just start writing a "memo" and then decide whether to "Slap" it into a ToDo, Memo, Address Book, Calendar appointment, or even additional software like Thought Manager. So far I really like it.

    Both can be found at
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