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    I am new here and this is my first post. I have been a Palm user for several years. I went from a regular Palm pda (just after it changed names from Handspring to Palm) to the Kyocera to the 650p. When my 650p died VZW sent me the Centro. I have no need or interest in going on the internet with my cell phone. I do like the basic pda functions and the fact that all my contacts and data going back several years is able to be moved from device to device. My Centro works fine except that that the buttons are too small for my hands and not as nice as the Treo. Here are my questions:

    Can I just change to a 700p or 750p and not be required to purchase the data package from vzw?

    If I can change, which is the better choice?

    I am a aging dinosaur and who likes the simplicity of the Treo and Palm OS. It is intuitive and very functional. Thanks for your help.
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    I don't know if VZ still allows PDAs without a data plan, they used to (I dumped them for Sprint). If you don't have a data plan on your Centro, you SHOULDN'T on your Treo. Of the two phones, the 755p is the better one. I had a 700p, now a 755p that am yet to find a good replacement for.
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    I made the switch without any problems. I didn't even load the new software, I just did the sync with my Centro software and everything works great. Although my 755p is listed in my software as a Centro though. It works fine.

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