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    Does anyone remember the old boardgames like OGRE or MegaTraveler?!?! Back in the early 80's they were popular alongside D&D and the whole Ral Partha line of stuff. Having played SpaceWar on the Palm I think that OGRE could easily be adapted.

    ... I guess I'm just an old timer, but I think that someone with greater skill than I could remake this classic.

    If you don't remember OGRE they still sell it at It is a remnant of a time when playing games was a tactile and highly imaginative process.
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    Originally posted by Exodus2224
    Does anyone remember the old boardgames like OGRE or MegaTraveler?!?!

    Having played SpaceWar on the Palm I think that OGRE could easily be adapted.
    I remember playing OGRE and GEV a ton. I even made my own large playing field in the basement when I was a kid. I scaled the vehicles and used pieces of wood to represent them.

    I loved playing those games. OGRE on Palm would be cool. Great idea! Of course, you'd need permission from Steve Jackson, but I think he'd love the idea. I'm no programmer, though. Perhaps someone will take a crack at this.

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    Here is a bit of history from a few months ago...

    I sent an email to regarding OGRE for the Palm OS. He, I am assuming that it wasn't Steve, said that someone had been working on one but abandon the idea some time ago. He also reminded me that OGRE had once been developed and sold in a software version for the PC some twenty years ago (the 80's don't really seem like that long ago, does it?). He said that they had the necessary forms on their website that would make it all legal to develop and that I was free to do so. I, however am just a consumer and not very skilled as a programmer - that is to say I am virtually lacking the necessary skill.

    I also contacted the guys that make Space War, the Star Trek tactical starship game, and asked them if they were interested in the idea of an OGRE game for the Palm OS. They were kind enough to reply and said that they were working on a project for the Palm OS that was an online type of game. I don't really remember what it was about, but I thought that since the Space War game was turnbased on a hexagonal grid that perhaps developing OGRE wouldn't be too far beyond their abilities.

    My feeling is that, given that this game has been popular for over twenty years, I remember buying it as a MicroGame back in 1981, and that it has spawned several other games, such as G.E.V. and others, why not develop a game for the Palm? Certainly with the internet it would be simple to market and distribute. I would pay $$$ for it and several people that I have talked with would too.

    I have searched for an old copy of the PC version but with no luck. It was simply one of those games that inspired the imagination. I remember reading the intro in the manual and feeling my heart pounding in my chest. I couldn't wait to tear the little paper icons out of their perforated holder and examine the tiny numbers and symbols inscribed on them. I think I paid about $3.00 for the thing with some lawnmower money, but I have never found so much joy with a few scraps of cardboard and a small hexagonal map.

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