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    Now you can teach your daughter to use the treo ;-)
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    Originally posted by dietrichbohn
    you know, I just watched (finally) American History X last weekend, so this makes me shudder.. jk...
    I don't think American History X was about somebody joining the swim team, though.
    ‎"Is that suck and salvage the Kevin Costner method?" - Chris Matthews on Hardball, July 6, 2010. Wonder if he's talking about his oil device or his movie career...
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    Originally posted by miradu
    They did redesign the Treo's hotsync conntetor due to people likeme breaking it off :-D besides dietrichbohn, I've done much worse, like knocking a capacitor off the motherboard so I now have dcreased battery life.. or how about breakign the screen in a way that the digitizer was fine, the prism was fine but the backlight was killed?

    I can do better than that! I dropped my pre-VP VDX to the hard floor from 3 1/2 feet. After that, it wouldn't sync on USB, only serial. I opened the case and out fell a surface-mount crystal oscillator . A little web-search and I found it's the same oscillator used by the USB clock!

    So I took it to a sterio repair shop and for $5 the re-soldered the tiny surface mount item! It worked perfectly!! (You should try that with your capacitor.)

    I don't have that VDX anymore, as I got it replaced for my VisorPhone (which was in turn replaced by my Treo!)

    Are you on a swim team?
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    Here's a picture of my new arrival...

    Oops, wrong one! Here's the autographed Treo. Hawkins signature was etched in the back of the unit...
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