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    Hello everybody,
    for a while now I have weird problems with my, and my girlfriend's Centros. The problem is that I won't receive calls & messages in 1x (or EVDO sometimes) unless I am in a call already. Meaning my phone won't receive anything, and when I call to check VM or so suddenly everything comes in at once. I'll get 4-5 messages, the VM notifications etc all at once, even though they were hours old. This is very annoying and makes the phone almost unusable. Before being in EVDO helped, but that stopped working, too. It was working just fine until recently and I did not change a thing. Same thing occurred with my girlfriends phone, and there it went away somewhat, but still inconsistent. Is it the phone or is the coverage in our area just horrible, so that only establishing a call will get enough juice to receive the messages?

    Also, my battery life suddenly plummeted. Phone froze the other day, I took the battery out to fix it and now it drains dry over night, where it would go for about a week without a charge before. I hope anybody can help me with that. I am on Verizon by the way without any data plan, which is why I turn EVDO off most of the time.
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    you might want to try a hard reset and see if it still does the same thing. then you'll know if it's the phone or a program interfering with the phone. For sure do a back up before the reset.
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    To me it sounds like a defective or worn out battery - power spiking etc. How old is your battery? Do you keep it topped up or let it fully discharge? The litium ion batteries do best when topped up frequently. I have the Palm extended battery in my Centro; recently I reinstalled the regular battery thinking I might prefer the slimmer profile - but the Centro started acting erratically and even reset itself a couple times! I put the extended battery back in and no problems!

    If you use a car charger a lot that can be a problem - especially if the Centro is plugged in when you start the car - those sharges don't regulate the power surges well and this can bother your device. Plug into the car charger AFTER you start the vehicle.
    Hope this helps!
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