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    Hi all!

    I'm going on a ski trip tommorow about 6 in the evening... left this a bit late. What I wanted to know is are there any pieces of software i should download for the trip? Is there anything you go on a trip and couldn't live without...?

    The other thing, seeing as its going to be subzero temperatures will i need to store my palm in the hotel all the time or will it do just fine in the cold? Is there anything i need to do to protect it?

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    Depends on how long you'll be gone, what you'll b edoing while gone, etc. I made a database for thinkDB to track my ski trips so in the future I can remember which runs I've done already, what the difficulty was, if I rented or used my own gear, etc. As for other travel suggestions I often seek a map of the area and a website with nightlife info to set up as a temporary custom AvantGo channel. And in the future I'll take the time to make certain that all my modem oriented programs are fully functional before leaving. I kept having resets while trying to use my browser on my last trip. Enjoy the snow!
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    Thanks, the database idea is great!

    As for a browser i have a deluxe which runs Os 3.1 so Avantgo and Eudora hang when i connect to my phone over IR, is there a browser out there other than these two I should use?

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    I've been using Palmscape although I use the Handspring modem. You can download a trial that lasts 15 days or so. Try it out maybe it will work for you.

    As for the cold - well the LCD display doesn't work too well so I tend to leave mine behind.
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    Maybe you guys should try Blazer
    It's great!
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