I need some help, mybe I can find it here among you all...
My pc crashed on me. I had backed up all my files including Palm Desktop with all my contacts , calendar entries et al. Sinjce I have converted to a MAC and low and behold when I tried to upload the Palm desktop data... it is not recognized and comes up as a unix un readable file. Furthermore, I figured I'd find my disc and just down load the Palm Desktop app and sync my treo 650 (that i've been holding onto for years!) an whaddayaknow....my trusted treo crashes out on me too! It is in a perpetual reeboot loop. Now I've seemed to have lost all that data!
Hopefully there are people who will read this waaay smarter than I that can possibly help me in my plight?!?!? Any thoughts or suggestions?!?
I am desperate. I've got a lot of info in there.
Thanks in advance!