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    Hi. I've got some big problem.
    MY Contacts database often causes soft resets when I'm trying to edit contact notes or (less often) any field of contact.
    This started when I was trying Agendus 12. 30 - day trial od Agendus didn't gave any problems, but after return to Contacts app it started to make resets (and sometimes errors in NOTE field). When I have installed Agendus 13 everything worked fine for some days.

    After Hard Reset everything worked perfectly, but when I restored ContactsDB then problem went back. I have a backup copy of contacts that I made before trying Agendus but now I have about 50 contacts more. If there will not be a methot do clean up the database, I will simply rewrite 50 contacts with their notes, bank accounts etc. Fortunately I don't use photos - re-pixelling tem could be a suicide-work :|
    I had installed Palm Desktop on brother's laptop and under Palm Desktop all data is readable, so I'm sure that I didn't lose it.

    My ContactsDB is pretty old. There are some entries that I made using m125, next it was used on Treo 600, then on Treo 650 and, after Treo's damage, I moved a 650's backup copy to my current 650. So I'm aware that it could damage during conversions etc.

    So the question is:
    Is there a method to convert Palm ContactsDB to CSV or other "clean" format and re-convert do ContactsDB? Or, eg. export to CSV,spreadsheet,SQL and then synchronize with contacts?
    Converting to vCal don't give me what I want because of vCal's limitations.
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