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    Yes. S key then the ... key then down a few times then space. Not the easiest thing in the world to enter, but it IS available...

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    I was checkin' out the Treo 180 today and I don't think I can dig the keyboard. I think it's too small. But, it may be that I've been ferociously writing Graffiti for over 2 years. I'm not sure though I can get use to it.
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    Originally posted by yardie
    I ordered the TREO with graffiti. I have tried them both and find the Graffiti model much easier to use and navigate. We shouldn't have to press two buttons on the keyboard to get to the main application screen. Also, I will be able to continue to use my "grafitti stroke" hacks with my graffiti Treo. Your are SOL if you have the keyboard model. Finally, I would never be able to do the 30+ WPM that I am able to do with Graffiti using the tiny keyboard.
    I also ordered the Graffiti version. That tiny teeny little keyboard made my thumbs hurt from just looking at it. I wouldn't want to write an e-mail or any other extensive text with it.

    I hope they offer a fullsize folding keyboard for the Treo, though; that's so much better.
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    I've had my Blue VDx for a few years and am ready to upgrade to the Treo 180. The perfect solution would be to get the 180g with a Stowaway keyboard for those times when you are entering a lot of text.

    Any news on a Stowaway for the 180 (or any Treo for that matter)?


    San Diego, CA

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    As far as anyone knows, a Stowaway for the Treo is not planned. Hopefully Handspring will stick with this connector for a long time and it will be worth it for Think Outside to make one, but we'll just have to wait and see.

    In the mean time, I've found that NewPen, a graffiti-on-the-screen program, is a great new solution for graffiti lovers who have a Treo with keyboard. When writing on the screen, you can just write the shortcut stroke, or any other stroke, and it works fine! You can even write the command stroke, and the command bar will pop up! It's still a little buggy (last version I installed still had problems letting you use pick-lists), but the developer is updating it non-stop to fix all the bugs, and I'm confident that it will become quite solid.

    My honest recommendation for anyone looking at the Treo is to embrace the keyboard and never look back. And if graffiti is a must, get NewPen.

    Seattle Palm Users Group!
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    I'm going to echo that idea. The keyboard is wonderful. I guess if you do a TON of data entry, perhap the pen is better, but the one handed operation you get with the keyboard, in my opinion, is one of those breakthrough features. To be able to take out my treo and enter in a todo with one hand while walking, is great.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    My concern with the Treo keyboard is that when I do want to do some heavy duty writing, I'll end up in the same predicament that prompted me to buy the Stowaway: I won't be able to input text fast enough. Whether it's because of my graffiti writing speed or a tiny keyboard, the result will be the same; I'll fall behind my note taking in meetings, etc.

    Buying the Stowaway for my Visor was the single biggest reason I started using it to it's fullest potential. In meetings, at school, at seminars.. it's the best way to take lots of notes while traveling lite.

    I'm not necessarily a graffiti lover, but IMO, the Stowaway and a 180g seem to be a more practical solution than the 180 by itself.

    Does anyone know of any ways to get the Visor version of the Stowaway to work with a Treo, much like the work around for the Edge before a Stowaway was made specifically for it?


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    hehe, when i first dropped into this thread it was 34 to 34.

    sorry graffiti fans, i prefer the keyboard
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    Here's my two sense. I went to my local future shop today and picked up the Treo 90 to play with for about 10 minutes and in about 5 minutes of learning, my data-input was 100 times faster than with graffiti, and I don't have tiny thumbs like some people claim are required.

    On the same note, earlier on in the post, someone wanted to find a PDA that had a digital graffiti area and a keyboard...I believe no one caught this, but isn't that just the NR70?
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    big fella
    it has to be the keyboard - I had a visor edge pre Treo and altho it works well up to a point it's not 100% reliable. The keyboard also keeps your screen in better shape longer w/o having to use a silly screensaver that you can't see through. Treo keyboard is easy to use even with big mallet fingers like mine and so much faster, especially when doing caps etc.
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