I have used Eudora for email for quite a while with good results. I like how it will allow large messages, and how messages can be sorted into different folders.

I am having a problem, however, and Eudora's support page is not much help. My problem is this: It creates three files in RAM, pdQmailLittleTOC.pdb, pdQmailMsgs.pdb, and pdQmailTOC.pdb, and the longer the program is used, the larger pdQmailTOC gets. I delete messages from the handheld after reading, then empty the trash bin, but after every sync it stil gets larger. I cannot figure out how to keep the size down. I was just deleting the file after it got too large, but now that I have several folders and sorting rules, I do not want to do that (I will lose the folders/rules).

Can anyone give me some advice on how to keep the file from growing each time? And, if not, anyone have ideas on another program that can do what Eudora can?