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    Is there a way to backup the firmware from one working 755p to another that's lock on the Access Powered screen, but that can be put in boot loader mode.

    Or more simpler than that, is there anyone whos has the Telus firmware for the 755p?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, the device was changed 2 times under waranty and I had to purchasse another one after the end of the waranty and it's the same situation, but now I have played with it and found how to put it in boot loader mode, but as mentionned I can have access to a working 755p if there is a way to backup the firmware.
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    :^/ Obviously Palm has such firmware, and software to install it, but equally obviously they aren't releasing it to common folks like you or me. Like you, I've been scouring the 'net looking for something suitable. That search is how I found this thread just now, actually.

    Good luck.
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