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    I found out that after locking the visor, the visor is still accessible after a hard reset. Is there a software that prevents it from being unlocked after a hard reset?

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    On a visor, not so much. It uses non-flashable ROM, so you can't store anything on there with the OS. And a hard reset erases all the data on the RAM. If you have a springboard memory module, that's still there after a Hard Reset, but it won't be able to lock your visor.

    ...why do you want to lock it up after a hard reset? All the data on the Visor is gone. if you're trying to lock up data on the memory module, there is software that does that pretty well...

    ---edit: this may secure expansion cards fairly well:
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    I just don't want anyone to use it except me, especially those who might steal it from me.
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    Like dietrichbohn said, the security on PalmOS devices is aimed at protecting the data, not at protecting the device itself.

    Since a hard reset resets the device to out of the box condition, a software solution won't work (AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK) $for$ $what$ $you$ $want$ $to$ $do$.
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