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    I'm going to western europe and the Philippines in the next couple of monnths - can anyone recommend any good travel software that will help me out throughout the trip?

    Maybe a currency converter? a trip planner? travel guides?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'll be travelling myself soon, and I'm trying out the following software:

    for packing:
    Big Red Pack (freeware)
    CheckList (freeware)

    for noting info about places visited:
    CityScene (freeware)

    for noting travel and accomodation details:
    Palm Traveller (shareware)

    currency converter:
    Euro 1.0b (freeware)

    Travel Tracker is a multi-purpose travel tool that looks promising, but it's expensive ($29) and it's clearly geared to travel in the US. For example you'd have a difficult time plotting out train travel (which is popular in Europe). You could of course configure HandyShopper (freeware) to work as your all-purpose tracker, but it's a bit of work

    the one indispensable utility I've found so far? Metro, a great piece of freeware which lets you download the subway nets of a vast number of cities around the world, and tells you how to move around within these networks (and notes travel times as well)

    for your trip to Europe you might want to buy Landware's Small Talk, a nifty translator for basic conversations in German, Spanish, French and Italian

    I live in Manila myself so I'm curious about what would bring you to this neck of the woods

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