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    Well, With the Droid coming out in force, the Pre not capturing anticipated share from everyone else has led me back to the good old PALM OS. The Treo Pro is a good smartphone, but the keyboard really is a challenge. I jumped on the Q9C from Dieter's comments and the keyboard is great, but the Q9c is rather slow(but manageable). I just picked up a used 755p on Ebay. Yes it's bigger, heavier and dated. BUT, it has most of what some of us want. Good email/sms device, solid calendar/PIM, decent phone, great keyboard. The only thing missing is the Iphone effect(great screen, music player, picture/movie player) and a diet. Couldn't HTC buy their OS and make a thin 755? By the way, cloud PIMs are for the birds! The Palm execs are playing catch up since the debut of the 650. My new objective, stock up on the 755P before Palm becomes a Commodore 64
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    I too think the POS is worth keeping so will try to milk the 755p for as long as I can.

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    I agree i am going to wait at least until sling box comes to pre, untill then its all 755 from ebay on my 3rd one from ebay, 8th total
    Kyocera 7135, 700p, 755p and waiting for the next one. yehh!! PALM PRE please come to verizon.
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    Oh yeah, the 755p can be used as a self-defense device similar to a stone. My stone is insured, so how far can you throw it
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    Add me to this club, not tempted by the Centro's gummy keys or the Pre/Pixi's "cloud" -dependent infrastructure.

    IMO Palm was absolutely stupid to think they could dump their 13-year PalmOS legacy (and users) into the garbage and put all their money on an untested new operating system that doesn't even come with a PalmOS emulator. All this wasted effort trying to create $600.00 phones that you throw away each year to buy another has to catch up with them someday.

    Then again, bring out a Treo 755x with the same exact body, perhaps a little better camera with a flash, and double up the memory. It'll probably outsell the Pre and Pixi combined, plus keep interest in Palm alive. Right now, Palm is just another phone with an untested operating system taking up space among tens of others at Sprint stores.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    I completely agree with you. I have been back on my Treo 755p and I feel like I am at peace with my smartphone. the Palm OS is so functional and easy that they could have dressed up the OS along with upgrading the hardware slightly(more memory, small upgrade on the cpu, and making the 755x as thin at the treo pro) and Palm would be back in business. The 755x would be a killer smartphone and outsell the Pre and Pixi put together and development costs would be pennies compared to the investment made in the Pre. The Pre is not selling well at all and the Pixi will follow the same path as the Pre. It's too bad. Palm has a winner on their hands and it's not WebOS.
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    Yes, amen to that! I love my 755p - for me I ask myself, where else can I tether via USB or BT, use my Sling player, use my RDM remote desktop, and have a great keyboard and battery life with a stock sized 2200mah battery from Seido(sp?)

    All the new phones I have checked out are missing one or more of the features I need.

    For my use, I'll stick with my 755p a little longer. :-)
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    Been with the 755p for several years now on Alltel. Still have a new refurb in the box + new one that is only 3 months old due to replacement by Alltel. After 3 weeks, couldn't stand VZW so switched to Sprint today. 4 lines sharing 1500 anytime min with free connection to any mobile on any carrier, unlimited data and texting for $160/month. Net cost of new Sprint 755p was $49.95 ea (NEW NOT REFURB) after rebate and business account perks. I'm very happy with Sprint so far. They really tried to get me to buy a Pre or HTC TP2. Didn't want WinMo and hate, THAT"S HATE, the Pre. Played with an activated Pre @ Radio Shack for over an hour and it couldn't do most of the stuff I have my 755 doing. I have Teal OS on my 755 and it was every bit as fast as the Pre I was trying. Put a new Vaja case on one of them and new screen protectors on both and I'm good to go for a while longer.

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