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    After buying a Mac, and not buying Excel & Word to go with it, i think this is the only solution for syncing. is it worth the money? I was using Quickoffice, but would like to sync with Appleworks. Thanks,
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    I bought Documents to Go but returned it when I found it was not VFS aware. I have bought a memplug with CF card for the express purpose of storing a large amount of documents to be accessed while away from my computer.

    I settled for Wordsmith and love it. Wordsmith is at You might also want to check out Wordsmith Pro which has a few more features - I think it is published by Handera. Look for the Pro version at CompUsa.

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    Thanks for the info - I like wordsmith, and I see that the desktop is compatible with OS X, but I would really like to use Appleworks, looks like I'm going to have to use Docs to go, I spent too much money on this mac already...
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    I personally LOVE Docs to Go. I think its awesome! One added benefit is you can beam the viewer & the doc to other Palms so they can view docs as well. I'm not totally sure what the policy on sending the viewer with the doc is, but its part of the beaming options, so I've always assumed it ok....but I love it. You will to.
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    Originally posted by dorelse
    I love it. You will to.
    OK, I'm sold. Now I need a database.....
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    I also LOVE Docs to go...

    I consider myself a "power user" type papers and making spreadsheets all day long, both on my visor and my laptop.

    I can edit my papers or someone else's instantly with the beaming feature.

    I saved 20$ when I bought it at Best Buy. They had it on sale with the desktop togo software. I personally don't use the desktop feature as much as i thought i would but i have two classmates who love it.

    can't you download a demo from there site to see it is for you....

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    Originally posted by dampeoples

    OK, I'm sold. Now I need a database.....
    I recommend ThinkDB 2.5-- a bit of a learning curve, but perhaps the most powerful relational/calculating database app available for the Palm OS. The field types are versatile enough that individual databases can perform the tasks of certain kinds of standalone apps. In terms of basic functionality, ThinkDB is every bit as powerful as any desktop database I've used (remember, I said _basic_ functionality). If you have a lot of data which you need to mainpulate in a lot of ways, ThinkDB is your database.

    Fpr static data, I like MobileDB. Not as fancy as ThinkDB, and lacks the field types of JFile or HanDBase; but if you've got a lot of data that doesn't change, MobileDB is a great way to keep track of it.

    Good luck,
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    Just wanted to say, I've been very happy for over a year with WordSmith & QuickSheets. (Though I hear Blue Nomad, makers of WordSmith, are working on a spreadsheet program of their own.)

    I tried Documents to Go over a year ago for about a week, but found it too cumbersome and slow. However, they've had several releases since then; I've heard better things about it since then.
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