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    Hi all!!

    I currently have both Palm Desktop and Outlook available but am not sure which one i should use to syncronise with my visor. What do you recommend??

    Thanks in advance!

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    The sync with outlook can be a little buggy. However, if you're using it for scheduling or email, basically if you're already using it, I would sync with it instead of the Palm Desktop.

    ...The Palm desktop basically is a mirror for your PDA that has the ability to access stuff you've deleted and archived. It offers no additional functionality. But if you're not using Outlook already, I'd go with it because it's so much smaller, faster, and cleaner.
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    Originally posted by dietrichbohn
    The sync with outlook can be a little buggy.
    That's not been my experience. I've been syncing with Outlook (via PocketMirror) for over 2 years now with very few problems. The problems I have encountered have been of my own making. I just got the upgrade to PocketMirror Pro so my wife and I can sync to the same outlook profile at home without mixing up our work stuff. The upgrade was well worth the price. It works pretty much flawlessly. My only (very minor) complaint is that the settings are not quite as intuitive as they could be.
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    I've had Outlook not play nice with DateBook4, as well as being very fussy with repeating events and such. As I said, though, if you're already using it, it's a no-brainer to go with Outlook, the bugs if they come up, are minor.
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    Originally posted by ZiGGy
    [...] I currently have both Palm Desktop and Outlook available but am not sure which one i should use to syncronise with my visor. What do you recommend?? [...]
    That depends. Are you currently using Outlook? If so, then you're probably better off keeping what you know. Personally, I use the Palm Desktop because I don't want Outlook _anything_ on my computer due to its poor security track record. I don't even use Outlook Express.
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    I'd go with Outlook if:
    • Your company uses Outlook and you're pretty much stuck with it
    • You really, really like Outlook, have invested a lot of time into setting it up, and are willing to do some work to get the disparate Address Book fields to match
    • You get your E-mail in Outlook, and want to be able to view it on the PDA
    • You're prepared to deal with some odd Hotsync problems (though I've read VC threads that say the non-free, step-up-to Outlook hotsync programs reduce the problems and give you more options.)
    Other than that, I'd just use Palm Desktop.

    I had Outlook on my home PC when I first got the Visor (2 years ago, so take this with a grain of salt -- things may have gotten better); spent weeks of work trying to get my address book to sync nicely with the PDA.

    After the third "whoops, all my appointments are screwed up" and problems getting Datebk4 to work correctly, I said to hell with it and switched to Palm Desktop. No problems since.

    Two basic points:
    • I organize my life with my Palm PDA, not my PC, so the Palm took precedence over Outlook.
    • I agree strongly with Toby -- Outlook is a security nightmare. At work, I've managed to avoid the 3 major virus attacks that brought our company's computers down by using Unix e-mail systems, rather than Outlook + Exchange.
    • (OK, three basic points.) Plus, I find Outlook's UI unintuitive and cluttered.

    Obviously, your mileage may vary.
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