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    So I picked up a GSM Centro for free and I'm not sure what to do with it. Are there any hacks I can play with on it? I have no interest in using it as my phone.

    It would be really cool if I could install webOS or Android on it but it looks like that's not possible.
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    I guess you can use it as a PDA.

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    You could load it with games or e-books.
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    Use it as your PalmOS test platform -- try out everything you don't want to risk on your other POS devices... if you have them. There's a hack to get the UI to resemble an iPhone (TealOS).

    While the OS is obsolete now it has zillions of free/cheap apps, and probably great deals on the hardware 2nd hand, so you can use it on whatever carrier you have now without being tied to a contract. The Treo 755p was said to be a decent device, you could pick up one of those if you don't have a newer smartphone already. I get a ton of use out of my Centro, as a phone, pda, and backup ev-do card -- it's not the top dog machine by any stretch but it's intuitive to use, pocketable and paid for.

    You can also use the Centro as an iPod + video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperCrackBerry View Post
    There's a hack to get the UI to resemble an iPhone (TealOS).
    No, TealOS makes it resemble WebOS. IphoneImitation makes it resemble an iPhone.

    OP: There's tons of things you can use the Centro for as a PDA-only device. Look into LJP, it's an emulator to allow you to play nes/superNES/genesis/etc. games right on your Centro. You can also use it for a USB drive, movie player, alarm clock, timer, dictionary, calendar, notepad, MP3 Player (with optional stereo bluetooth headset!), calculator, etc...

    If you activate it on a plan you can use USBModem or PDANet to use the Centro as a wireless modem for your computer, very useful if you've got a laptop.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I think I'm going to play with TealOS for a bit then sim unlock it and give it to a friend who has no money.
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    Just so everyone knows, I installed the ROW rom in this forum and TealOS. I think its actually pretty cool, I'm still not keeping it but I think my friend will really like how this all works.

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