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    I've been searching around for a cheap or free program that will do what SyncTalk offers - but I don't need super functionality.

    I use a stowaway to type notes or documents - but I use my laptop most of the time. I want to beam a document back and forth between my VDX and Laptop without having to carry a craddle or sync cable. I don't want to do a full sync - just update the document one way or the other.

    Does anyone know of anything anywhere?

    Much appreciated.
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    You can sync via infrared with your Visor with no problem at all. Just download the utility mentioned on handsprings website called "Enhanced Infrared update". Be sure you follow the Instructions on Handsprings website, as they differ from the instructions that come with the software. Go to Handsprings support pages and type "sync ir" and you will get all of the instructions and links that you need.

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