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    I'm looking for a database solution that will let me enter quotes or interesting tidbits, etc. Here's what my biggest priorities are:

    1) This could grow large over time, so I would like for it to be able to store the data on expanded memory using VFS.
    2) In case I ever move away from the Palm platform, I want something with a desktop solution that will allow me to save the database in a format that I can access it in other software, whether Access, mySQL or whatever.

    Any recommendations?
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    Well, I use ThinkDB with dBSync, which allows me to hotsync my relational MS Access databases with ThinkDB.

    I won't say it was simple, 'cause it wasn't -- I would have been lost without the Yahoo group for ThinkDB. At least at the time I was moving my stuff over, ThinkDB's documentation for dBSync was close to non-existant.

    So ThinkDB is definitely a solution there. As to VFS support.... mmm, kinda. I haven't upgraded to ThinkDB 2.5 yet, partially because their VFS solution seems to be, as I remember it, copying the databases you need off of the memory card using VFS, and then running it from main memory.

    That isn't very helpful if you've got a lot, or large, databases -- you want something that creates a temporary store in Palm memory and intelligently copies data to and from that off of the VFS card.

    However, they may have updated it since then. Anyone got more (and more accurate) info?

    I have a comparison review of ThinkDB vs. HanDBase around somewhere on VC, though it's about a year old.
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