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    i wonder if such a thing exists?

    im curious if there is a "quick reference" guide sort of thing in DOC format for html?

    ive got a bad memory when it comes to remembering all those tags and formats using them and thought it might be handy to have one in a doc format that i can search through and use on my prism...
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    If you search for 'html' at Memoware, you can find a whole bunch of them. In fact, I may just pick up a few myself.

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    I have a copy of The Bare Bones Guide to HTML on my Visor, as a .doc file, but unfortuneately it's not available in that format at the website listed, and I can't find my original version.

    I imagine it's possible I have a text version and converted it myself then forgot. I should investigate that sometime. Unless I forget.
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