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    This is my very first topic and post, but I'm not a neewbie. I was just waiting to learn some "know-how" so I can help others (I thing this is the main purpose of any human).

    I had that issue too. Every time I left treo (witch is rare!!) for a more long time without working on it, it "freezes", or enter the "sleep mode" you mentioned.

    I was worried, as my sister bought it as unlocked from palm and we recieved a cingular half unlocked phone (unbranded but still have the sim lock, witch I removed from contacting ATT ang getting the 8 digit MSL..this deserves a hole post...tell me if you want to know...) and than gaved me as a gift here in Brasil.

    If you're new or intermediate on custom rom making, let me advice you that almost any change you make using bootloader is reversible (since you, first of all, download a copy of the original rom, since it seems palm does not allow it to be hosted anymore anywhere and don't flash a GSM rom to a CDMA phone or a CDMA rom to a GSM phone).

    i've been searching all over the net for some explanation on why OS freezes (randomly or overnight) or reboot randomly or in a loop without sucess on finding a definitive answer... most of them point to a problem related to some units that had a hardware problem... Let me calm down all of you...

    I've found that using the windows room tool only (I mean the one that you uses for downloading and uploading the rom, as for changing tokens) does not generate a new boot file with the moddings. This makes the OS unstable leading to fatal exeption of unknown application (because it lacks the file on ROM, that should be fixed by the palm crew, it didn't even know it is because of it), so make sure you followed all instructions (if you're using the windows rom tool and treo 650 tool or the new java process) as is.

    i've also expirienced that some prc's just don't go on ROM, making it reboot loop. Make a search for compatibility or simply try one by one (simply but more time consuming).

    You may also make a "base" custom rom, without the language files already, without any unwanted application and with or without the SDHC driver and the FAT32 driver (yes, they are two different things, one takes care of hardware driver and the other on "format" type driver), make sure it's stable (run it alone for 2 or 3 days), and than start putting app to it.

    I've noticed that if you only remove the FATFS.prc file and add the FAT32.prc, it somehow, stays looking for the FATFS.prc first, than it searches for other driver (FAT32.prc), so I've renamed the FAT32.prc to FATFS.prc and it looks like its faster (maybe just impression, shadowmite, please clear this for us).

    I've noticed that with the MMCBulverdeIntelDrv_Device.prc and the SlotDriver_ SDIO-sdsd.prc. Renaming the second as if it was the first one make some difference on loading time.

    I was using the 650 rom MMSDCard.prc and MMSDCard_enUS.prc files and they were working well. Tonight I've changed them to the 680 version to see how it works. Until now no diference noticed (I didn't uploaded the MMSDCard_frFR.prc because I guess its only a language file, again, shadowmite help us! and the files for drivers I've putted them in the old format too FATFS.prc and MMCBulverdeIntelDrv_Device.prc). PS: it was very hard to find a all in one package with all these files plus FAT32.prc and SlotDriver_ SDIO-sdsd.prc, but if you google it, there still chance of find (

    The SDHC complete driver is found on shadowmite, But don't follow the instructions because the smartext engine is a knwon problem. Use the one provided with the package.

    The tool in this page is the one used for downloading and uploading the rom (from, the one for boot editing is another one (I've noticed the version and program this time, it's, again, another creation of the master...Treo 650 ROM Customizer v0.8 BETA Shadowmite date of 7/22//05, it worked for 1.20 version customizing very well). Let me know if I can upload it here or please someone else post a link to an already internet hosted copy.

    I've been using windows 7 ultimate 64-bit OS and bluetooth for hotsync with acess desktop ultimate version with no problem (except it won't install any package that palm released...later keep reading...).

    I've been trying out the XP mode on it, and on that "Machine-OS" I've installed the 4.14 palm one palm Desktop and use the usb hotsync bundled over the USB virtualization with no problems for hotsync, palm updates and rom modding.

    My advice for every one in this scenario is to follow all the instructions on setting XP mode on windows 7 (I think it's avaliable only on ultimate and enterprise versions) and the rom modding complete scene guide too (search a lot, read a lot, backup a lot period).

    I haven't tested it on other virtual pc/virtualization software so I don't know.

    Running now:
    Cingular Treo 650
    unlocked by code provided by ATT and edited token to be definitive (the only way I found to definitive unlock without a cingular SIM)
    Radio version: 1.51 (the last version for Cingular treos, and I guess this is important, again, master...give us a final word...)
    Software Version: Treo650-1.20-ENA (Custom rom made from 1.20_NA for USA made treos, for the brasilian version, the correct last version is 1.20_LAP (yes, we do have a palm factory here,on manaus, amazonia))
    Hardware version: B (none information about this when searching on...maybe there are different results over firmware updates).

    Contents of ROM:

    Original essencial rom files (don't forget to not dell MMS files, these are for the Multimedia Mensage System (that service for sending pictures and music along with SMS for another cell number trough paid operator system) and they are very often removed along with the versamail program files MM. Other ones are: MMSDCard.bprc and MMSDCard_enUS.oprc (if you are goeing to change for the treo 680 files, its ok, if you're goeing to put only FAT32 driver, don't delete theese or you won't read SD cards)...


    AudioGateway-SwSs.prc (only the prc left after install and reg of latest release) [bluetooth stereo audio]
    Camcorder_Loader.bprc (why does't palm included it originaly?) [direct link to film mode like the original photo mode]

    Camcorder_Loader_enUS.oprc (again)

    ShortCut5.prc (freeware for creating text shortcuts)
    ML_app_hires.prc (launcher app Mega launcher version 6.5, and again, only the master prc file AFTER install and reg)

    GrfAnywhere.prc (Version 1.59 patched)

    KeyGuardEx.prc (light, rock solid and best of all free latest version 1.170

    pnoJpegLib.PRC (for custom image on keyguard)

    TouchBG.prc (for slide unlock, iguess)

    CardExport2.prc (Card_Export_2.25.977 original prc, not reg or install before copying)

    PhoneSwitch.prc (1.2 basic free version)

    soundrec.prc (free 1.1 version)

    TreoAlarm.prc (1.17 version pathced)

    UninstallManager.prc (3.20 version original prc not installed or reg)

    other apps (realy many)

    Excelent Performance on reading from card using a 2GB standard Kingston SD, formated as FAT (original standart) with standard everything (it was faster than FAT32), but have already sucess tested a MICRO SD on adapter with 4GB (not sure the standard of anything, i'll check it latter, but i think is a SDHC, since only modding the FATFS.prc didn't worked, but with the slot driver it worked realy fine!) from my mother Nokia 3120 Classic cell phone.

    I'm planning on including master shadowmite SignalMeter.prc on it, also the ringo 4.452 installed and regged master prc.
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    Please don't post the same thing over and over on several threads. Now, to your problem.

    Wow, so much changes.

    If I may suggest you start with a number of pre-built custom ROM out there which are known to be stable. Once you get your device stable, back it up and then start playing with it.

    Try not to rename objects as you did here:
    I've noticed that with the MMCBulverdeIntelDrv_Device.prc and the SlotDriver_ SDIO-sdsd.prc. Renaming the second as if it was the first one make some difference on loading time.
    They may seem to work but it may cause your more problems down the line.

    Always backup your data and start clean before you start customizing your ROM.

    Then when you restore, restore only your PIM data and other critical stuff but not all. You may have some data that are corrupted for all you know that is causing the reset or freezing.
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    i'm actualy posting a SUCESS history, not saying that it's freezing anymore. And yes, I'm repeating a lot of information because You can found it, but spread appart in a lot of how to's and knowhow's. i've just putted the important part of the information as a resume.
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    I am now asking some futher information...I've noticed several file extensions on ROM, such as bprc, cprc, cpdb (only 1 file) and others...

    I noticed that language files (I guess the text for the app) is as oprc (a kind of "overlay" prc)

    some app and drivers, that runs always on, have the native prc extension (I guess used to define this kind of prc)

    some like the cam loader, have de bprc extension, as if they were some kind of base or backup prc type...

    I would like to know more about it, and the boot.conf file too.
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    "If I may suggest you start with a number of pre-built custom ROM out there which are known to be stable. Once you get your device stable, back it up and then start playing with it."

    Can you be more where these custom ROMs are located, maybe a url?

    I am trying to install Palm's 1.20 ROM into my Cingular Treo650. I know how to use romtool and have changed the crnm code to ENA. The phone is also unlocked, but is a Cingular branded phone. If I can simply upload a 1.20 custom ROM, my trouble is over (I hope).

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