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    So, I'm reading the sporadic and preliminary reviews from users to be found about the web (the latest in the PDAGeek Newsletter), and a comment I'm seeing more than once is that battery life is not so good. this going to be the big design flaw of the Treo: battery is too small? Heck, I'm fine with a small battery, even--if it's replaceable. HS doesn't allow that (Hawkin's "zen"? philosophy enters in here, I bet).

    Is this a deal breaker?
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    It'll be fine - get yerself a car charger or talk R. Melton into building you an emergency charger.
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    One of the other list members say his Treo only lasts a day. That is horrible as you will need to have a charger always on hand. My Visorphone's battery is crappy now, it only lasts 1.5 days at most.

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    are we talking about keeping the radio turned on 24/7? Talking on it 8 hours a day? With the radio turned off? What?
    All those things come into play with the Treo. Since it's grayscale, I'd bet with the radio off you'd get a couple weeks. No one is going to keep the radio off that long, so then how much talk time are we talking about? I mean, if it get's like 48+ hours of standby like my motorla does, I'll be overjoyed. I often forget to turn it off at night, and the battery still keeps going and charges up quickly. If I get 12 hours of standby time, I'll still be happy, knowing that if I leave it charging overnight, it will be good to go in the morning. If it dies in 8 hours with no phone calls, then I'll put it back in the box and sell it on e-bay. hehe. ;-) ok, probably not really, but I'm not worried that it will be that bad. batteries haven't been that bad in years.
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    The battery life is fine. I talk a lot during the day, plug it in at night, and haven't yet had the battery get low. I'm not worried about it.
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    Originally posted by heberman
    The battery life is fine. I talk a lot during the day, plug it in at night, and haven't yet had the battery get low. I'm not worried about it.
    I thought so too, but today was not so good... turns out that a low signal strength REALLY drains the battery. I got down to about 15% by the bus ride home.
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    Were you roaming? That might drain battery life faster.
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    Originally posted by Gaboo
    Were you roaming? That might drain battery life faster.
    Nope, just in the basements of the U of MN for most of the day.
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    When I first received my Treo I fully charged it and turned on the phone in the morning. I did about a million hot-syncs getting everything the way I wanted it. Did a bunch of test calls, SMS messages and such, and several people came by to see and play with it. I left the cell phone on over night and by the evening of the second day, it was running a little low.

    Battery usage is directly related to signal strength. If you are in a low signal area (like a basement) most cell phones will boost their output signal to compensate. This will, of course, drain the battery faster. (That's how those 19.95 ronco k-tel tv infomercial 'signal booster' antennas 'work').

    My office is in the center of it's building. Many other cell services do not work in it at all, but I get a good signal from VoiceStream, so it's probably not on high output.

    Once the novelty wears off <i>I<\i> expect to get a couple days of usage per charge, but due to the nature of the beast, everyone's experience will be different.
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    Two big things that affect battery life -- Signal strength and speaker phone. I have done a zillion things on my Treo180g -- SMS, Multiple hotsyncs, talk, send messages etc and the battery only went down tro about the 70% level. Once I start to play around with the speakerphone and having loing converstations, the battery dropped significantly.

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