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    Have had the Treo 680 for around 2 years. I admit I have most likely not even scratched the surface of it's potential. However, i am curious to know if an Itunes Podcast download could be saved on an 2 Gig SD memory card, and the video played back in it's entirety on the Treo 680 video player? Is this possible?
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    I haven't tried video podcasts, sorry.

    However, I have had some luck with non protected audio ( eg NPR Tech). Protected (eg WSJ Morning Read, books) will display on iTunes as downloading, but will not play when their icon shows on the Pre.
    Would be interested in replies re the audio podact experience as well.
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    Yes, I belive TCPMP should have no trouble playing a video podcast on your phone. TCPMP is a completely free palm os video/audio player you should download and install... I use it for playing many different video formats, works flawlessly.
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    true and if you upgrade to its paid versiion (coreplayer) you also get to play FLV videos.

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