I've been using the IR port on my laptop (running XP.) I really enjoy the simplicity. It works beautifully with Hotsync and it works perfectly if I send files from my Centro to the laptop. However, to send files from the laptop to Centro requires some effort. I must first press a button on my phone to "undim" the phone. At this point, the laptop IR port will pick up the phone and XP will establish a "link" (a tray icon appears in the XP system tray.) I have set my Power properties to dim after 30 secs. Once the phone dims, the laptop can no longer "see" the phone over IR (the tray icon will disappear.) I have to keep pressing a button on the Centro to keep it "lit" and at the same time transfer the file over. It's not a big deal, but still an annoyance. I changed the 30 sec timeout to 3 mins, but with my phone habits, it drains the battery way too fast. Is there some setting on the laptop or Centro to keep the IR connection established? Beam Receive is set to On, of course. Distance/position doesn't make a difference. The "Receive picture files from camera over IR" (or something like that) option is not checked. I am unsure about the IR port driver settings. Device Manager lists it as an SMC IrCC port. The driver is up-to-date as far as I can tell. (I checked Dell's website.) Thanks for any ideas.