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    I am getting a replacement for my original 755P. I plan to use NVBackup to get it up and running. Do I need to activate it on Sprint before I use NVBackup or after I use it?

    I can see how using the backup before I activate the Treo could affect the serial number, version number etc and so can using it after I activate it on Sprint.

    I am sure someone has done this and knows the right way to handle it.
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    I don't think it matters but I have always activated first before restoring. That gives me a known good configuration before I can start picking and choosing what things to restore if I need to.
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    Thanks for the advice! That is what I did and so far no worries.
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    :^/ Last year my 755p (Sprint, now Cricket) suffered a bizarre bluetooth accident and needed to be replaced under warranty. Once the replacement unit was in my hands, I restored all of my applications with NV_Backup, reprogrammed my MDN and MSID, replaced Sprint's PRL with Cricket's and called Cricket on the land line to swap my account to the replacement handheld's ESN.

    ;^) Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. I was done within fifteen minutes. NV_Backup is the bomb, but it won't change serial numbers and such. You can do that with Sprint, likely either before or after. I don't think it matters which.
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