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    OK.. I have my PC and VPL at home working fine... Well on a serial cradle since my USB cradle doesnt work...
    So I figured I'd bring my USB cradle to work to plug into my iMac...
    I'm looking for software so I can just install new Palm programs when I find them during work.. I have Pilot Install at home but I cant find something for Mac...

    Any thoughts?


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    Could you just hotsync at work, but turn off all of your conduits?
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    If you have installed the Handspring Palm Desktop on your iMac at work, you should be able to install *.prc files via it. If you are running Outlook Express or Entourage at work, make sure those conduits are in the Disabled Conduits folder.
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    btw, the easiest way to install software is to make an alias of your FILES TO INSTALL folder on your desktop. Then you just have to drag PRCs into it.
    We're all naked if you turn us inside out.
    -David Byrne

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