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    Last night my wife went to pay some bills (we use Quicken and Pocket Quicken on my 755 and my wife's Centro) so she took my 755 and her Centro and tried to hotsync them. After about 10 minites she came in and told me that she was having problems hotsyncing the 755. I went and looked at it and saw the message "Installing Handheld Applications" on both the PC and the 755. There were no apps that I was trying to install. Canceled the hotsync (with great problems, rebooted the PC and checked to make sure I was not trying to install anything and tried again. After several tries we gave up and my wife manually entered the couple of quicken entries I had on the 755 and I went back to what I had been doing.

    Well I started playing around with the 755 and decided to take a backup before I went very far. Started up NVBackup and I was told it couldn't access the card. OK - I took out the card and reinserted it. Backup worked. Did some more playing around with the Palm and finally did a soft restart.

    This morning I tried the hotsync again and it worked.

    Did reseating the card fix the problem??? Or was it the soft restart???? Anyone have any ideas.

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    Yes, I've seen that behavior before. Sometimes comes loose from not being strongly seated and/or phone bumped. Glad it's working now.
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    I want to change from a Centro to a 700p or 755p, will I experience any compatibility problems with my data?
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    I haven't seen any but we both don't use the same set of programs. When we set up the Centro we had to get updates for several programs but I installed them on the 755p with no problems. There are some differences in Google maps in the find current location function (it doesn't work in the 755p but for all practical purposes it is useless on the Centro)


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