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    I'm trying to transfer files(games) from my current 755P(Verizon) to a remanufactured 755P using SanDisk 2GB Micro card in a Treo Micro adapter. I can copy the file to the card, but the new Treo doesn't recognize it. I can reformat in the new Treo and then the old Treo doesn't recognize the card.

    Thanks for your help and replies.
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    <moved> Unless you really have a 750 which as WM device.
    I don't have a 755 but I will try:
    When you copy the file to the cord, where are you doing the copy (within the Treo via third party software?)
    When you format the card, did you name it the same name as the old name?
    Are you using a Micro SD card (since you said you use a micro adapter)?
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    Thanks for your reply....

    I'm not sure what the problem really was, but after moving the card from phone to phone to phone, etc., the new phone eventually recognized the card. The file had been properly moved, but the phone was just not recognizing the card....and after a lot of effort on my part the new phone finally gave up and recognized it.

    Anyway, problem solved.


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    ;^) Glad that it worked for you. I was going to recommend NV_Backup. It backs up everything, and not just games. It's the easiest way to transfer from an older phone to a replacement. Of course, they have to be the same model, but in your case that's what you got.

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