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    This is where it all started for me. I was an avid Palm and Handspring PDA user, trolled this website for 2 years before I could afford to buy an unlocked Treo 650 direct from Palm. This website, this forum, was bustling back then (1995) and I learned sooooo much in those years both about my treo and about the palm os from this website.

    Now, I've moved on to the palm pre, and is now bustling, but coming to this website, and this forum, saddens me that it is so quiet. I guess in the same way one would be sad if they went back to their home town and found it to be deserted. We knew it would happen sometime, but I always thought I'd be moving on to "Treo 900" or "Treo Pro II" or something, and I'd always be coming to
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    Agreed. Although I think you meant 2005, and not 1995.

    I still wish that Palm had decided to stick with the Treo name, even if they moved to a new OS with modified hardware. I'm still rockin' my Centro but I'm really ready for a move to something new. I now spend most of my time on and while trying to decide which platform I want to invest in.

    No matter what I wind up with my original Treo 650 will always be my first love. I remember living in Chicago at the time and even in the city it was rare to see another Treo in the wild. I had a few people on the train ask me what kind of "phone" I was using and when I would show them a sample of a movie playing on TCPMP they were amazed. I loved the novelty of having a small computer in my pocket.

    Once I started reading the forums here especially during the excitement of the Shadowmite hacks I was hooked. Thanks for all the memories Treocentral.

    BTW: What happened to all those old threads? Are they archived somewhere?

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