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    At some point there is going to be a new phone replacing my Treo 650 and I'd like to make sure my address book, calendar, memos, tasks, alll move forward with me.

    If I use the original CD, which gave me a choice of Palm Desktop or Outlook, is there a way that I can back up my information, change the install load from the CD, and have the phone re-synch to Outlook instead of the Palm Desktop? So that the phone will still be the same, but on the computer I'll be using Outlook to manage all the data? So hopefully any newer phone will be able to deal with "just look at Outlook" to keep using it?
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    I did that with my Centro. I did a Sync so Palm Desktop was current. Then I used the CD to switch to Outlook and everything easily Synced to Outlook. I did this in preparation for a planned switch to a BB Storm2 or maybe the new Droid.

    In the end, I decided to stick with my Centro. There's just nothing like Palm Desktop. I liked the Storm but I like my keyboard more!

    So I know Outlook will be acceptable once I phone comes along that can do all that my Centro does but for now I switched back to Palm Desktop.

    I just used the CD to switch back again. Since it had been a month or so, I just set Hot Sync for Handheld to overwrite Desktop to play safe and did a Sync. No was nice to have my old friend back again!

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