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    Is there a good program that will allow me to share a common file with my Visor and my wife's Visor? This would allow us to update the file separately and then 'synch' the file over IR so we both have each other's changes?

    A simple example, my wife beams me the grocery list. We both add to the list on our individual handhelds. After we make our changes, this program would allow us to 'synch' our grocery lists via Infra Red.

    While this example is simple, I believe the application could be very useful in many situations. The program would have to check version changes and merge the two files, so it would need to be more powerful than the average notepad. Anyone heard of a program that will do this? Thanks!
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    I'm pretty sure ThoughtManager by HandsHigh Inc. software has the ability to beam its outlines.. although I'm not real sure about synching them..

    Good luck!
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