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    Anyone around here use them? I'm having a hard time finding any support (info) on them and am just looking for a little education. What are they? What can they do for me?

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    I have used them and have found them useful. They simply allow you to use the Graffiti area to transcribe the message you wrote on the screen in DiddleBug and then insert it into the appropriate application. I find that the ones for Datebook+ are the most useful (remember to use the Visor specific ones, the others will not work with DateBook+). I have rarely used the one for To Do. The Memo Pad one is less useful and I have never been able to get the Address Book IBG to work.

    The way they work is this: While in DiddleBug tap, the menu area on the Graffiti screen. From the drop down menu select transfer. At the bottom of the screen you will notice an arrow followed by an icon followed by a line with a flashing cursor. Using the Graffiti area, write whatever it is that you wrote on the screen in DiddleBug and want to transfer (for example information about a meeting that you need to put in DateBook+, you write "Meet John in lobby") Then tap on the icon, this will bring up a list of the IBGs you have installed. Select the appropriate one (in the example this would be event(Visor)). Tap the arrow. This will start DateBook+ and you will see "Meet John in Lobby" as an untimed event. You then use the details button in the application to change the transfered text as necessary (in the example above, set the time and date).

    There is a web site that has information about Intelliboggers (IBGs) but I am not finding it right now. It had IBGs in addition to those that come with DiddleBug as well as instructions and descriptions. If I find the URL, I will post it.
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