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    Due to the Centro not functioning properly here in Europe (the unlocked GSM version bug) that was returned and ive been using my 650 ever since, while waiting for the Pre to be released. (hint to Palm, hurry up)

    Anyway since a few days back my 650 have got the headset bug ie it thinks that the headset is plugged in and route the sound to the line-out socket. When I try to plug-in and plug-out a headset it starts working again.

    Problem is that it goes back to the faulty behavior within a short time period, sometimes 2 hours but often it just works for a minute or two before the problem starts again.

    Any ideas?
    Ive tried a hard reset but it didnt work either so it seems like a hardware fault, right? Is it a know problem that the connector gives up like this?
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    Yes, this was reported by users using this type of headset. For some users, it got to a point that they cannot use the phone because it gets stuck on the headset mode.

    I am assuming that you just using the headset for regular phone calls? I started using blue tooth headsets just to avoid this.

    One user even asked how to open the phone to fix it:

    Do this at your own risk, only if you are a regular tinkerer and have done this successfully for other devices.

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