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    Yesterday I applied the EAS update for the Centro to my Treo yesterday trying to fix a problem. It didn't fix the problem and I've gotten Chatter working again for my exchange account.

    However, now I can't get calendar or contacts to synch via hotsync. It is automatically set to "do nothing" in hotsync, and if I try to change the default to sync I get the following:

    The instruction at "0x0042d94f" referenced memory at "0x00000008". The meory could not be "read".

    Click OK to terminate the program
    Click cancel to debug the program

    What do I need to do? What do I need to delete? Did this Centro patch actually change my rom? I tried going to a backup set from my SD card before I made this change and it STILL is not working.

    Help please! Thanks.
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    I should add, I have deleted the Exchange/EAS account in Versamail/eMail and it is STILL not working. Can anyone help solve this? Thanks.

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