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    Some time ago, someone known as "shadowmite" created a hack for Pa1mOne's wi-fi SD card so it would work in a Treo 650. It was posted openly on the web. Palm responded by upgrading the Treo's firmware so his code wouldn't work, thus making their own wi-fi SD cards useless on any Treo. So his code became irrelevant for the time, and with the big push for using the carriers' data packages, I don't think anyone ever did anything else to further the cause for free wi-fi on a Treo.

    But recently I found an SD-to-Mini SD adapter online, and I am really curious if anyone ever hacked his hack to make it compatible with the 755p. Oh how sweet that would be.

    Does anybody know anything about that? Or would anyone with the knowledge of Palm programming be interested in giving it a shot?
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    Ah, yes, the renown, man of mystery, mr shadowmite. He was a very interesting contributor here, until some t/c members ran him off, that is. hmmm...
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    Heard he went over to the iPhone dark side.

    The man is a legend, wish he was around to help hack out the 755's ROM and get rid of all the crapware and add in the current version of Googlemaps. I'd pay for a custom ROM, truly.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.

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