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    Okay I own a Treo 755p. I need help with email and programs. I need to know if there is any email I can sign up for that can be pushed to my phone and alert me to new emails? What email program should I use on my phone? VersaMail, Krome or something else. Or am I just wishing to have something that doesnt exist. I currently have hotmail, gmail and a college email. Will any of these work or do I need a new email? I dont mind starting a new one if I can have it sent to my phone. Please help
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    SnapperMail can be configured to retrieve mail every 5 minutes, and is compatible with gmail.
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    Try setting the device to check mail using IMAP protocol. It will stay connected to your device, and will alert you of mail almost instantly. From what I know, Versamail that came with your device can do that, if not use SnapperMail. No need to set the device to retreive mail every 5 minutes, will reduce battery life.
    Let me know how it worked.

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