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    I wanted to start clean this weekend with my Centro so I hard reset and setup the configuration the way I like it. Then hit to get the latest and then hit Google Maps on your mobile phone Google Maps on your mobile phone to pull down Google Maps. Google now tells me there is no Maps software for PalmOS 5. If I browse to the page on a PC and choose other for the phone type there is still a download, but who knows for how much longer....

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    You can still download the latest Google Maps for Palm OS (ver here: Google Maps for Treo (for Palm OS) -
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    I just went there with my Treo and it says that version is available and downloaded.

    The correct link is Google Maps and you have to do this from Blazer as it checks your browser.
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    Also, on the page Google Maps on your mobile phone
    > go down to where it says Supported phones
    > on Palm OS
    > Click Download Binary

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