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    I noticed that with the Chapura Pocket Mirror Syncing software not all the fields in Outlook get transferred, specifically the Address book info. I have quite a few contacts that have more phone numbers, e-mail address, and snail mail addresses than seem available.

    Chapura support suggested I use the four custom fields but this requires that I change my settings to either the palm overwrights outlook or vice versa.

    Does anyone know if the Pro version of Pocket Mirror or Pumatech's Intellisync offer any better field mapping customization?

    Any other ideas (on this subject)?

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    I just installed PocketMirror Pro 3.1.1 and it allows multiple addresses with Outlook. There's more detail at Chapura's support FAQ (FAQ PM#021 or PM#182).

    I strongly recommend the Pro Upgrade if you use Outlook and have personal stuff you'd rather keep on your handheld. Pro's category filtering, alarm transfer and ability to hotsynch while keeping some items exclusively on your handheld is well worth the upgrade price.

    Pro takes some getting used to so before you try it, back everything up to the Palm Desktop so you don't lose anything. I screwed up the first couple of Hotsynchs playing around with Pro's category filtering and it would have been a disaster if I hadn't backed up to the Palm Desktop beforehand.
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    You can keep private items on your handheld only with the standard version as well. I mark personal items as private on my visor, and I set the pocket mirror conduits to sync these items to my laptop at home but not to my desktop at work.

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