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    I've searched everywhere and can't get a a flat out simple answer. I have a 755p that is fully flashed to cricket. Web works fine except it takes 3-4 times to connect to the proxy server. Once it does connect, I'm good. If someone could help with that, that would be great but I have bigger fish to fry. I can't get any app besides Blazer to connect to the web. Deluxeware's weather-no dice. Opera Mini any version-no way. Even when I thought I installed JVM, when I tapped the icon, it asked for a midlet to install aaaaaaaaaand-couldn't connect. Now I know I'm probably at fault here and any instruction on how to fix my issues would be much appreciated... Or a simple, "cricket sux and its impossible!" will work just as well so I can end my torment.

    Thanks in advance.
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    What is CricKet? Are you talking about the sport?
    Blazer is the only browser I've been able to get to work every time. Opera would just hang, and caused lots of resets.
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    CricKet is an unlimited wireless carrier thats usually in the south. THey just came to DC a month ago with unlimited everything for $40/month

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    I never have used cricket but I tried Opera and JVM with Sprint. My 755p was trying to kill itself multiple times a day and often went on that slow mode like you described when using Opera, if it didn't crash. I removed JVM/Opera and life was good.
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    ;^) Cricket Internet works just fine for me. My Treo 755p (Sprint, now Cricket) runs Opera Mini 4.1 without trouble. Mind you, I'm running Palm Jave 5.7.2, which is the last one Palm ever distributed.

    :^/ Palm doesn't host Java, anymore, so you'll have to scrounge the 'net to locate it, but it's worth it because earlier versions can have troubles, as you're experiencing.
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