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    what could they mean by great visibility indoor and out?????
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    It is probably going to have OLED or some other new technologies. This might explain the high price.
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    OLED/OEL displays should be available on the OEM market by the time the 270 comes out, so I would be surprised if it didn't use it.. However, all the documentation for OEL's says they will be simpler and cheaper to manufacture so if they're used, they should actually DROP the price of the 270 (comparable to a color LCD display). All things considered, though, OEL's should actually be cheaper than greyscale LCD's by the end of the year..

    Maybe the price is for a fuelcell btty that'll give it 1 month standby time
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    So will the fumes from the fuel cell be hazardous to your health?
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    Bob Wudak mentioned at the last HPUG meeting that it wasn't an organic display.
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    The question of if the treo would be OLED was brought up during the question answer part of the conf. None of the Hanspring ppl knew what OLED was.
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