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    I need a "flashlight program" that stays on (doesn't turn off after 3 minutes). I have PalmLight, but that does not stay on...
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    one free - but complicated solution - would be Apt,

    User guide: Apt for PalmOS

    Its a program that allows you to set the turn-off timing (and a million other things) on a per-app basis.

    Its a tinkerer's dream, but not designed for quick intuitive use.

    If you do decide to use it: Having chosen your Flashlight app in top right dropdown list, Set AutoOff to "0" using the slider bar (it's an option in the Prefs tab, which should appear by default when you start Apt).

    In the first screenshot on this page

    Apt for PalmOS: Quick Tour

    AutoOff has been set to 0 for the app "Contacts"
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    There should be a free DA that does that ("flashlights")
    Only thing you need then is a DA launcher.

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