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    Originally posted by Madkins007
    [B(By the way, K., I keep my Prism securely within a heavy duty 'waterproof bag' at the gym... [/b]
    You are one brave soul!
    As far as getting paper books wet, I guess the missing detail I neglected is that most of my fiction books are from the library!)
    Ah!! Yep, that would explain the reasoning.
    ...drip...drip..."Uh, I'd like to return this book, please!"
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    Originally posted by K. Cannon

    I have not. Please summarize..
    Well, the centerpiece of THE DIAMOND AGE, is, well, I suppose you could call it a book.

    That is, it appears to be a series of pages bound with leather end-pieces.

    It actually is a nanotechnology computer using rod-logic, containing more computing power that all the computers currently on planet Earth combined.

    It starts by telling the little girl a fairy tale. It adapts to her interests. By the end, it has taught her how to be a black belt in karate, along with a four year university education.
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    Sounds interesting...when was it written?
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    The Diamond Age, or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer
    by Neal Stephenson.

    1996, Batam Spectra, ISBN 0-553-57331-4
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    I'll have to check it out.
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