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    I am a recent Visor Deluxe owner that is looking for what other attorneys are using on there visors. I use an iMac at home and Windows 98 at work. However I am not necessarily needing to sync everything that may be useful. I am particularly looking for a stripped down case manager that I could use for court. I am a very busy public defender (400 to 500 felony cases a year) and need to be able to update things while in court. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm an attorney as well. However, I do civil work, and don't have the caseload you describe, so I haven't looked into any type of case management software. There are Palm OS database programs, like HandDbase, but I haven't had occasion to use them.

    Here's what I do use that is arguably legal-related:

    1. Wordsmith - best word processor for the Palm OS, IMHO. Integrates nicely with MS Word, so it's very easy to get stuff from your work PC - witness lists, briefs, etc - into your Visor. I'm not a Mac guy, so I can't say if the program also works with your home computer. If you plan to do word processing directly on the unit, a Stowaway keyboard is a must.

    I also usually have a full set of the pertinent rules (of procedure and evidence) on the handheld - I use Wordsmith to read them, but any doc reader will do.

    2. The built in apps, of course: Calendar, obviously, to track court dates, case deadlines, meetings, etc., Contacts for self-explanatory reasons.

    3. Pocket Journal, from Chapura (, which synchs with MS Outlook's Journal - helps me track phone calls, unreturned voicemail, meetings, etc.

    4. Internet - in theory, I'm set up to access Westlaw wirelessly using my cell phone. In practice I've never had to do it - it's so much more pleasant to do it .

    5. Email - I use multimail, works great.

    The only site I've found that is directed at lawyers is "PDA JD," which frankly is so-so. Check it out anyway at

    Let me know if you find anything interesting to add that helps your practice.
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    Although it doesn't sound like you necessarily would use this, there is also time/billing software for your handheld that syncs with certain software on the desktop. (VTL-have you tried this?)

    Also, a more advanced calendar like Datebook4 (found here) might be of some help with case management/ticklers. I have not come across any specific case management apps.

    The pdajd site is okay. The document converter is nice.
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    Hmmm.. the difficulty is the number of entries and the amount of data...

    you might also try thinkdb2, (, it is expensive, but a very useful and powerful database manager. It also has plugins that allow you to do things like insert data directly into your datebook.

    I suggest Datebook4 ( as a appointment/call/todo manager, but trying to kludge it into being able to handling all the information associated with 500 cases a year may be tough--there is a journaling and a template feature, as well as robust categorization and icons--but maybe not robust enough.

    But the advice about a Stowaway( and Wordsmith( is spot on. Get them both if you're serious about using your visor. I also can't speak directly to the mac conduit, but I hear it works fine despite not being as tightly integrated into Word as it is on a Win machine.

    finally, think about a backup solution. A backup module(, a memplug(, or a FlashPlus( You will probably want to be able to secure your courtroom data before you get home, and these are all ways to at least create a 2nd copy of your critical data.

    Oh, and to pay for all of it I suggest
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    Thanks all - it seems that I have been on the right track with my initial thoughts but it is great to get confirmation before spending the cash and certainly included were new ideas. I did find one case manager during my internet searching. A program called case load manager, looks like it has potential but do you know anyone that has tried it. If I find anything that works well I'll post it so you all can try it. Also it seems that most of you are either GP or civil attorneys if you ever need some criminal info feel free to contact me.
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    Nope, I haven't tried any of the palm programs that synch with time entry software. I'd heard about them, and went so far as to inquire about it, but our I.S. guys don't want to support it.

    Pocket Journal sort of fits that niche - since I use it to record meetings, phone calls, voicemail, etc. I can usually use it to "recreate" my day and billing later, if I forget to record it in some other format.

    jedeane, let us know how that program works out, or maybe post a link to it - it sounds interesting.
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    Originally posted by VTL
    Pocket Journal sort of fits that niche - since I use it to record meetings, phone calls, voicemail, etc. I can usually use it to "recreate" my day and billing later, if I forget to record it in some other format.
    I usually enter my time directly into Timeslips on my desktop as I go--obviously, if I am on the road, I take notes about time entries. Do you think there are some features of Pocket Journal that I could use (that would make it worthwhile to download and learn, I mean...)
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    It won't synch with Timeslips but it does synch with Outlook's journal feature. It's primarilly useful as a contact management program - who did you talk to, when, who left you a voicemail that you haven't returned (and vice versa). It's very easy to use - menu driven.

    Chapura (the same folks who make pocketmirror) has a free trial period for the program, so it's no risk to try.

    I think I saw somewhere that Timeslips has a Palm OS program that intergrates with the desktop, that might make more sense for you.

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